Sikh Scholars

Sikh Scholars

Sikh Scholars is group of Sikh intellectuals associated with Global Sikh Council that have taken on the responsibility to respond to the questions posted on SikhWisdom. Their responses are based only on the message of Bani enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib ji.
Where that is not directly possible, the answers will be based on corollaries of the Fundamental principles of the Bani enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib Ji and hence in line with the message of Gurbani.

S. Gulbarg Singh Basi,

Gulbarg Singh Basi, Atlanta, GA USA. Authored one book, multiple videos and Articles on Sikhi, Founding President of Global Sikh Council, President of GLobal Sikh Economic Forum.

Sdn. Vindri Kaur

Spiritual councellor for marriages, challenged children, disabled , homosexual, teenagers etc . Teacher & councellor in THE JEEVAN JAACH GROUP . Research in theosophic & metaphysics studies .

Dr. Kala Singh,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Medical Graduate and Passion of Mental Health & Gurmat. Published paper on “Sikh Spiritual Model of Counseling” in medical journal “Spirituality and Health International”. Published a book “Gurmat Doctrines (Part 1)” and many articles, papers, you tubes, radio and TV shows on Mental Health and Gurmat. Secretary Multifaith Summit Council of BC. Awarded Pravasi Rattan in Global Convention of NRIs at British Parliament.

Sdn. Mandeep Kaur
Al Ain, UAE

Researcher and spiritual Practioniner. Emphasis on teaching Sikhi values and Gurmukhi to the youth.

Dr. Sarbjit Singh

Dr. Sarbjit Singh has published more than 90 Gurmat articles related to daily life, and the development of happy and contended life according to the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib!He has published four E-books on Gurmat and has also delivered many lectures in various Gurdwaras.

Dr. Ramneet Kaur

My name is Ramneet Kaur. I am treading the journey of my life by walking on the path shown by the bani of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I am an avid learner of the wisdom of SGGS Ji and feel humbled to share the knowledge I possess with others.

S. Harbans Singh Kandola

Dr. Harbans Singh Kandola completed a Ph.D from Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana in 1972. His passions include golfing and reading and understanding Gurbani. He has been on radio, tv programs and written several articles to spread true message of Gurbani and is still actively doing so

Dr. Bhupender Kaur
Hyderabad, India

Medical practitioner and clinical psychologist .
President :: of Guru Nanak dev educational trust. Holding charity clinics and free medical camps.

S. Sadhu Singh Rikhiraj,
P. E. Chicago, IL USA Retired CEO

Deep love with Gurbani and Sikhi. Past President of main Gurdwara Sahib, Chicago

Sdn. Maninder Kaur
Aurangabad, India

Teaching Punjabi and Sikhi to local Sikh youth. She has her own website:

S. Parampal Singh

Parampal Singh is the Coordinator of “Ek panth Ek soch”: A movement started by common sangat of Central California. 14 Gurudwara Sahib Ji’s and 8 nonprofit organisations have joined this movement.

Principal Prabhjot Kaur

Principal Prabhjot Kaur retired as Prinicipal of Government College for Women Ludhiana. She is a Member of Institute of Sikh Studies', International Sikh Confederation and is associated with Gurmat Gyan Missionary College. She has authored books on Women in Sikhism, articles on Sikh thoughts and has worked as Editor of 'Abstracts of Sikh Studies'.

Syed Simar Singh

World's Youngest Sikh Researcher and great grandson of Sant Syed Prithipal Singh ji , President Historical Heritage .

Dr. Jaswant Singh Sachdev
Phoenix Arizona, US

A medical Doctor with spiritual mind and services bend. He is well published on Sikhi related subjects and has been honored by many organisations for his contributions. Currently he hosts a weekly online program “Global Gurmat Vichar” with over 250 members.”

Dr, Onkar Singh
Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Retd Principal Punjabi School (L.A). Currently doing a translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib with additional features like pronunciation of each word, grammatical meaning of each word and line translation of each Gurbani verse.

Bhai Sahib Sucha Singh
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Graduated from ‘Shahid Sikh Missionary College’ Amritsar. Significant research on Gurbani and pronunciation. Research Specialist at university of Pittsburgh.

S. Gurpreet Singh

The creator of the first audio format mobile application based on short bed-time stories on Sikh History & Ideology named 'Saakhi.' He is a prolific writer and authored Punjabi and English book titled 'Sikh da ikko vairee Brahmanvaad' (Sole Enemy of a Sikh, Brahmanism).

Dr. Jagjit Singh

Born in Jalandhar Punjab did Ph.D. in Ground water Engineering from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India in 1981. Served as professor in Soil and Water Engineering for 5 years. Moved to industry in mathematical modelling and information technology and worked in India on various projects till 1999. Moved to los Angeles in 1999 and worked on Applied mathematics and Algorithm writing. Moved to Vancouver, Canada in December 2018.Started working on Sikhism along for last 20 years. Have written papers articles and delivered many seminars on environment, Water conservation, Human Rights, Equality, Nature and Sikhism.

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